Secure payement

Paiements are secure since the creation of the first version of our webshop in 2008.

   Credit card, Visa, Mastercard, Amex (via Cybermut Paiement Crédit Mutuel) :

Pay online by giving you credit card numbers on the secure website CMCICPAIEMENT


Paypal : 

Find below Paypal terms of payement

 Paiement par téléphone  Téléphone : 0954856134 

Pay online by giving us your credit card numbers. Instant payement, goods quickly dispatched. We can assure you that we wil not keep or give your private information.

 Chèque  Chèque* : 

Send us a check to the following adress:
Galerie du châtelet
La marchandise part dès notre confirmation de l’encaissement du chèque.
This mean of payement is available for French residents only.

 Virement  Virements : 

Find below our bank account details. Goods are being dispatched once we receive your payement.
IBAN :FR76 1027 8374 5600 0101 4420 132 BIC : CMCIFR2A

   Chèque cadeaux : 

If you got a gift voucher valable for a year, sent it to us.Goods will be shipped once we received it..


Administrative mandates: 

For schools, councils, associations: send the original mandate per mail to us. mGoods will be shipped once we received it..
By the way, you have the possibility to benefit from special commercial conditions for some products available on our webshop.